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New Construction Developments


Here at JC General Contracting we’re starting to do more and more New Construction Developments. We’re mainly doing the Framing, Window & Door Installations, the Siding, and Roofing of the Development. We do anything from New Housing Developments, to Residential Multi Family & Condo Developments. We’re excited to be offering this service to the ever expanding market in Boston, MA and we’re looking forward to working with you on your New Construction Project as well.

Custom Home Builds

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Many new buyers are choosing to build their own Custom Home. It’s everyone’s dream to have a Custom Home tailored to their lifestyle. At JC General Contracting we work with you to build your home from start to finish within budget. From Frame to Finish we’re with you every step of the way managing the project and performing quality inspections as well - making sure your New Custom Home is built with quality and is ready for you at the end of the project.


How we do it in new construction or custom home builds

We build Custom Homes all “in-house”. We, as your General Contractor, will contract and use licensed & insured professionals from start to finish. My team & I supervise and act as project manager to make sure every team is functioning at it’s best. With management and leadership, we put together all the puzzle pieces into completing your Custom Home, or New Construction Project. We’re primarily a Framing Contractor, but we started off as a Finish Carpentry Company. So, now we’re well equipped to Frame the house, as well as Finish it!



Roofing & Siding


In New Construction Projects or a Custom Home Build, this will be the first thing you see on your project when it comes to finishes. And the outside of your Custom Home is just as important as the inside. Here in the Boston Area; we’ve been seeing more and more Luxury Condos being built. These are beautiful condos with about 100 - 200 units and a waiting list of 1,500 people. The first thing they can see as far as finishes on the building is the siding and the roofing - which makes for a good indicator of how awesome the building will turn out to be. Bring some curb appeal to your Custom Home with the right Roofing and Siding.

New Construction & Custom home Curb Appeal

Like I said before, in your New Construction Project or Custom Home Build, the first thing you’ll see in the finishes category will be your roofing and siding. It’s exciting to see the Frame Work of a New Construction Project going up, even more so, it’s awesome to see the first fruits of what the Custom Home will look like once it’s finished. But, what’s also important - especially for Developers in Boston, is attracting eyes to the New Construction Home in the early stages of the build. With the right roofing and siding it’s very easy to do.

Kitchens & Bathrooms


Sometimes we’re not building a New Construction Custom Home out in Winchester, Ma. Instead we’ll be working on a full gut job to a fresh new sleek & shiny Kitchen and/or Bathroom. We're ready to work on your design whether it's Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, or whatever you may like. We also have design partners that can help you through the various design stages of your project.

Everything In The Middle

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We offer Interior & Exterior Painting. Both for New Construction Custom Homes and existing homes.


We also offer Masonry Work; Brick Laying, Brick Repointing, Chimney Work, Patios, Retaining Walls, Walkways, and Hardscaping. More attracting than the newly built Custom Home itself is the landscaping surrounding it, and adding some hardscape just ties it all together.


We install a wide variety of flooring; Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, Engineered Bamboo, Carpet, and Stone Flooring installations.

Drywall & Plastering

Need a good drywall and plaster team? We can do that as well! Our team is well equipped to quickly install drywall or gypsum boards, tape all joints, and plaster as well. There's nothing better than a clear pearl finish when it comes to plastering. In New Construction Projects such as Custom Homes this has become highly demanded. New Home buyers are no longer going with textured plaster - smooth is in and here to stay.


Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC


In order to better the lives of our clients and make things easier we've partnered up with Licensed & Insured Professionals who can take on different portions of your New Construction or Custom Home project. Part of our integrity is not doing what we aren't trained to do - so we work with professionals who we can trust to work on our projects.


Why We don't touch plumbing, electrical, & Hvac

Taking out a toilet, turning off a breaker, and shutting down the A/C Unit is all very easy and simple to do. Putting everything back in it's place without any leaks, short circuits, or malfunctions is something only trained professionals can do. In order to make sure your New Construction Project or Custom Home is built the right way - it’s wise for us to use only those professionally trained to be a part of the project.


Project Management on your new construction or Custom home

I, Windson Honorato, personally handle all specialty contractors and professionals on and off the job site to make my client's lives easier. By using trusted professionals that I’ve partnered with in the past years it allows me to coordinate multiple crews in a project site to better our workflow and execute the project properly. In a New Construction Project or a Custom Home Build we get to a point where multiple teams and professionals are working in the same space. Being able to coordinate and organize these various different tasks simultaneously is what will insure that the project is done quicker. Having a well rounded team and a good working relationship with these guys helps us to set schedules as we go and make sure the project is done in a timely manner in the best way possible. Think of me as the Cop at a traffic light, on a 4 way intersection in Down Town Boston.